Targeted Call List / List Management

Targeted Call Lists

If you’re dealing with obsolete data, your business will go down the drain, fast.

This is exactly what happens when your data does not go through continuous data cleansing and verification. You’re wasting a tremendous amount of time, effort and money which could have gone through more productive use for your campaign.

Even if you are using state-of-the-art tools and systems for your campaigns, all these are useless if you cannot reach your target market because they no longer exist. Thirty five percent of business data becomes obsolete annually and nobody wants to waste any time on a chunk of data that big. Here at DMA Central we make sure that we give you only the highest quality calling list available through database management, data verification, data cleansing, and reduplication.

List Management

The money is on the LIST.

This is something we always keep in mind at DMA Central. We know how to sell mailing lists, and we only do it the right way. From publishing data cards to maximizing your sales through the most effective, tried and tested promotional efforts, up to order processing, synchronizing the list owners approval, and fulfilling results with the services bureau of the list owner, all of these can be done for you.

Talk to us today and see how our collaborative efforts can do wonders for your business.