Event Telemarketing

Setting up an event is very expensive. Imagine shelling out thousands of dollars-for nothing.

Starting from the planning up to implementing stage, organizing an event is no joke. So imagine spending all that money only to have poor turn-out in the end. You’ll be so disappointed you may never want to do it again. So before you lose heart, it’s time you sought out some expert advise.

For a business launch or other crucial events, you cannot rely on email marketing and invites alone, you need aggressive and strategic telemarketing services to ensure maximum turn-out on your expected date. We waste no time and effort and only talk to people in your target market, who are excited to know more about your products and services. Follow up calls are S.O.P. to make sure these leads are converted to sales.

Among the reasons why your business needs effective telemarketing procedures are as follows:

  • To touch base more effectively with your prospective customers
  • To allow flexibility in your sales pitch. Sometimes, revisions are made in your spiels to suit the taste of a particular client. That is impossible to do in emails where you are just stuck with one brief, fixed invite.
  • To have a measurable outcome after the calls are made

An event is useless unless people show up. Call us and let us help you come up with the turn out you’ve always dreamed of.