Appointment Setting and Lead Generation

We implement the most efficient lead generation and appointment setting services to help boost your companys’ revenues. Whether you choose a single representative or an entire sales team to handle your campaign, we are capable of increasing your pipeline while putting your overhead costs at a minimum. We adjust to your needs and exert a collaborative effort to meet your company’s specific goals and objectives. DMA Central has a decade of experience providing guaranteed, consistent results to thousands of satisfied companies worldwide.

Event Telemarketing

DMA Central has a team of highly-skilled telemarketers, top notch technology and the best management systems to provide consistent communication with your target contacts. Event telemarketing is crucial to help your company achieve brand awareness and give it maximum exposure. That is why our seasoned callers are trained to attract the most prospective clients in events such as:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions and trade shows
  • Corporate Events
  • Seminars and Webinars
  • Forums and meetings

Immediately after the said events, our team buckles down to make follow-up calls with your target contacts and turn them into qualified sales leads. We have a QA team working round-the-clock, consistently monitoring the highest standard of each call made. We do the tedious legwork for you which frees you to do other things such as careful planning and preparations for the event without you having to worry about the number of turn outs. You can have access to all these with the use of our CRM tool anytime, anywhere.

Telephone Survey

Here at DMA Central we only conduct the best telephone survey practices in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness during the entire process. Customers are dealt with in a polite and professional manner at all times, leading to objective and honest responses. Our scripts are written with concise, straightforward questions and each survey can be accomplished in five minutes to maximize the most number of calls.

Web Design

We are dealing with business people. That is why we create sites to meet all your sales and marketing needs. We know exactly what prospective buyers look for. We know what they want and so we give them just that through persuasive web design to make your site highly saleable. We make it easy for your visitors to easily navigate through the pages and eliminate the confusion and frustration normally experienced on other sites. We give you the best site lead generation to increase your sales leads conversions. We keep your ROI high and overhead expenses low. What can be better than that?

Search Engine Optimization

We can provide you with the best and most widely used practices in search engine optimization. From  meta tags, relevant titles and descriptions, load time size and averages, effective SEO for mobile internet marketing, to providing rich snippets for your site to boost your rankings, all the way to your perfect web design- we can do it all.  We make sure that your site is not only accessible but highly readable as well and guarantees that it has sufficient amount of information for search engines to easily pick them up.

Social Media Marketing

These days, not a single enterprise can be as successful without the help of social media. You need to be visible, accessible to all your prospects and repeated customers anytime, anywhere. And here at DMA Central, we will make sure that your presence is felt and consumers can have easy access and subscriptions to all your social networks on a daily basis such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. So whenever you have new products or services, promos, discounts or great offers and packages, they’ll always be in the know.

Targeted Call List/ List Management

It’s a beat-up cliché, but no matter what people say, the money is still on the list. That’s why we have the most efficient List Management System to target the most comprehensive business information available in the global industries. We have complex search criteria processes that are carefully indexed to secure every profile pertaining to business and professional information. Our team of in-house researchers and data specialists are working round the clock for you to make sure your information is consistently and continuously updated.