Lead Qualification Process

Lead qualification process

Cold Call

Your agent will get the decision maker on the line and:

  1. Present an overview of your services
  2. Determine prospect’s level of interest in your offer
  3. Ask your screening question

Appointment Setting Program

Step 1
Appointment Setting

Agent will set up a phone or face-to-face meeting based on your availability.

Quality Analysis

Step 2
Endorsement to Quality analyst

Appointments set via phone are sent to the Quality Check queue for evaluation.

Lead generation program

Step 3
Quality Check

Your Quality Analyst will review the call recording and approve leads that meet your qualifications.

b2b lead generation program

Step 4
Lead Registration

Leads approved by the Quality Analyst will appear on your CRM calendar.

Telemarketing Company

Step 5
Email notification

An auto-generated notice and/or calendar invite is sent to your email. The message will contain your prospect’s contact info and appointment notes.