Our Strict Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our major concern. That is the reason we are fully transparent regarding all our information practices online and you have complete control as to how your information will be collected and used afterwards. Our homepage makes it very easy for you to find this notice where all the necessary information is available.

Your Collected Information

The notice is applicable to all information that is submitted and/or collected at the DMA Central website. Other pages include information on how you can avail of our products or services, hand out requests or do an online registration to receive helpful materials. Personal info we usually need from you are as follows:



Email Address

Phone Number


The other pages allow you to submit personal information about other people. These are instances when you want to refer people to us and we need you to give out their necessary contact information. We will collect the same information as above.

How We Use Your Information

We never share your personal information with anyone. We only use the information you have provided in order to communicate with you about your request. Beyond processing your information in lieu of your request, it remains completely confidential.

With regards to the information you provide about another person, we only use this in order to reach and inform that person about your referral. No outside parties are involved except for those needed in order to process the said referral.

The same thing goes for the email addresses submitted to us. We only use them in order to answer back the emails we get. There are no other purpose for getting these email addresses and no other parties may have access to these.

If you would like some detailed information about our products and services please register with our website. Unless you completely fill out the registration form, your information will not be used.

There are aggregate and non- revealing information we use on our website to attract advertisers that may be interested. For instance, we can tell them that a blank number of people visited a certain area of our website or that Y number of men and X number of women were very much interested and filled out registration forms, but in no way can they know who these individuals are.

Lastly, we will never share or use the personal information we have gathered from you online on other matters which are not related to the ones mentioned above. We always provide you with a choice to prohibit or opt not these unrelated uses.

Data Security is our Top Priority

We are vigilant when it comes to protecting and securing the information you provide us with online that we have set up the necessary electronic, physical and managerial operating procedures to avoid unauthorized access, sustain data accuracy and guarantee that all information will be used appropriately.

We Protect Your Childrens’ Privacy

Your very young childrens’ privacy is of utmost important to us. That is the reason why we never gather or sustain any information on our website from people we know who are under thirteen years of age and our website is not structured to attract anyone as young as this.

Access and Correct Your Own Information When Necessary

You will be given to access all your personal identifiable information that we have collected online and continuously maintain by emailing us at dmacentral.com to let us know about these necessary changes. We make use of this process to strictly protect your personal information.

Just send us a request credibly showing errors and we will allow you to correct all these factual errors regarding your personal information.

To ensure that your security and privacy is protected, we will make an effort to confirm and verify your identity before we give you any access to your information for data corrections.

Please Contact Us

For questions, queries and other concerns about our policy on your privacy, please give us a call at 888.810.7464 or email us – marketing@dmacentral.com. We’ll be happy to hear from you.