Why Value has a Higher Premium than Price in Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing services companies are very much aware of the fact that they are capable of selling practically any kind of product or service. What they sometimes do not realize however, is that they actually have a higher selling advantage if what they are selling is value driven even if it is a bit expensive. The same thing goes for complex products and when telemarketing is the only way you can get in touch directly with your prospective buyer.


When you go for Value-driven


You will be more effective promoting your value-driven products when you’re doing conducting telemarketing services compared with other sales and marketing techniques. It’s easy to make use of traditional advertising when pricing is the only issue between you and your competitor. But when you are talking about vast differences when it comes to value such as excellent service, higher efficiency or time savings, that’s a whole different story, and you need a skilled agent to do a one on one discussion about these intricacies with the customer.


When you’re introducing complex products/services


Traditional mail and internet marketing is very effective if your product or service is already a household name and has had a solid footing in the industry for many years. But if you have just finished launching and is currently testing the waters, as with wealth management or insurance, it is best you get up close and personal with your prospective leads so you can give them detailed explanations and answer their queries and concerns should there be any.


When you need to justify your price


You need human “intervention” when you need to explain or justify the steep price of your product or service. Like when talking to medical equipment leads, you need to make them understand why yours are almost double the price compared to your competitors. Whether it’s durability, superior performance, etc., somebody has to be with the customer on the phone and talk him through all of this, and hopefully, make him see the difference.


When the almighty telephone is your last hope


This is telemarketing services’ last hope when prospects don’t open your email, check your website, and dumps your direct mail in their trash bins. When all else fails, telemarketing is your best shot, so plan and practice an outstanding sales pitch so you don’t blow your chance.