Why Misleading Prospects can be the Downfall of Lead Generation Services

Because of steep competition, lead generation services companies come up with all sorts of tactics to generate leads and make sales conversions. Some of their schemes work and prove to be very beneficial for both parties. There are times however, when the pressure is too much and you’re tempted to try almost anything just to get a lead, even if that means putting deception into play. Don’t. It will only cause more harm than good. Here’s why.


Old School, Bad Methods


Many call center agents go under the guise of “research” or conducting “surveys” when they are actually trying to sell. They may sound like they are merely asking questions when they’re actually trying to find out the preferences of the person and how much he is willing to shell out for a particular product or service. You are trying to manipulate this person and unfortunately, he knows this.


Lead generation services firms must give decision makers more credit than that. From the very beginning, they know what you are trying to do and they hate being treated like a no-brainer. Aside from that, there is no way you can extract classified business information from this cautious entrepreneurs.


Switch Tactics


You can change all this once you decide to change your tactics. You will find out that there are decision makers out there who are willing to give you the time of the day as long as you approach them in a respectful and non-intrusive manner regarding their business needs and processes.


Start with easy questions that are not in any way threatening in nature before you move on to more in-depth queries that your prospect is willing to entertain. For instance, you can start asking if the current gas hike has affected their business at all. The answer may not just be a flat out yes, he might also admit that their company cannot expand their areas of delivery because they need to cut down on costs. This is your great chance to discuss with him the benefits of outsourcing their deliveries to your firm.


Remember, running a lead generation services company takes skill and it needs a carefully planned and implemented process requiring research, perseverance and precision. That is the only way you can guarantee a successful outcome.