What to do when your up setting appointment?

Let’s say that you’ll be taking an appointment call that you’ve been waiting for. Thinking that it’s a sure win means your arrogance gets the best of you and when you’ve pick up the phone and starts with the appointment. Your mind began to wonder, ‘it’s quiet, why is that’ now you found yourself alone in a dark room looking for a way out but you’ve found none. This imaginary view will just take place within seconds in your mind.

You’ve failed to get a sale because of this, I’m sure a lot of you have experience this kind of imaginary scene, where you are all alone just because you are too confident in yourself some because of nervousness. But let me tell you one thing, this confident of yours, can be the one who will ruin you.

In a world of marketing, Confident marketers are always bringing home the bacon for that company. but did you know at first, they aren’t like that, They start with being scared into overcoming this fear. With this process, they can say that “It’s not bad to be scared, everyone does. It’s just how we use this fear as our advantage

Appointment setters are always scared, even an amateur. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t do business with you. It means that they are ready to what might happen until the end of the call. They can take on rude business owners who don’t understand the concept of cold-calling or their services. But there are some that do and it works wonders for them.

Being ready doesn’t mean you need to be confident enough, all you need is a proper mind set. With a clear mind and a clear thought, you can be confident in what you’re saying. Taking a deep breathe can help you attain this kind of mind set. But be wary of negative thoughts for it will ruin your train of thoughts.