Using B2B Marketing to Pitch for Pressure

Sometimes a company’s greatest strength is brought out only after certain conditions are met. Sometimes these conditions can have steep costs (e.g. long integration time, expensive consulting etc) and other times, they can really be taxing (e.g. thriving under pressure, tight budgets etc). How can your B2B marketing strategy pitch these conditions without causing more than a few prospects to step back?

Picture it like this, say you’re in financial management and your prospect wants to consult to you about a long-term strategy. Unfortunately, your best strategies are executed when you focus on simply getting high short-term results. How can you make a prospect understand your value proposition without necessarily saying you can’t give them what you want?

  • Go for the new angle proposition – Try a classic first. Convince your prospect to see things from a different perspective. For instance, what good are sustainable long-term strategies when it looks like the business is about to cave in at any minute?
  • Explain why you do things this way – Transparency is obviously needed if you want a prospect to understand why you only thrive under certain conditions. Furthermore though, you might also want to present the conditions themselves as part of your value proposition. (For instance, explain why weekly follow-ups improve your services.)
  • Juxtapose culture and styles – B2B marketing and prospecting isn’t just about finding customers. It’s about finding customers that are a good match for your company in terms of both culture and style. It can be quite similar to recruitment in that regard.
  • Help a prospect create the conditions – If a prospect understands the necessity of giving you pressure, you can improve their understanding by guiding them about just how to apply it. Use your marketing content to suggest times to call your customer service or extend contracts.
  • Show you understand the risk – On the other hand, constantly putting you at your breaking point puts your business at great risk of breaking. You need to show your prospect that you understand the risk and are willing to take responsibility for creating the conditions you need in order to provide.

And guess what? This can also apply the other way around! Some prospects are only best convinced if you put them under certain conditions or give more powerful customer experiences prior to sales. Everyone has their own unique way of bringing out their best. And if there’s a way to repeat those conditions and their results, your prospects wouldn’t find it such a hard sell.