Trick or Treat Marketing in Healthcare

It’s the tradition of the young (and the young at heart) every Halloween. It’s quite a treat to have a great bag of full of candies just for dressing up and going door-to-door for them. The costumes range from typical ghosts and ghouls to pop fiction characters like superheroes and hobbits.

But how do you apply the concept of trick-or-treating to marketing in healthcare? Easy. The households are the customers and clients while marketers are the trick-or-treaters. Meanwhile candies and chocolates represent the sales that marketers help generate depending on how good the costumes are. After all, there’s plenty room for art in advertising and promoting your business too.

The only difference is that marketing to hospitals and institutions may not be as mobile as the little trick-or-treaters running to every doorstep during Halloween. There’s regulation and control along with more sets of rules that should be observed and followed. You don’t exactly need to disguise your actual value because how else are you going to show that your products/services are the best for medical purposes?

Although, this does create many instances in which marketers of are confronted with doubt and confusion when initiating promotions. The common issue is figuring out which matters are not regulated or controlled. That’s why it’s best to consult the legislature of the designated area for guidance and direct rules on the promotions or sampling of medical devices within the market.

This is where the tricks have to stop. But when these rules and directives are followed, the proper promotion results in more treats to follow!

Remember, Halloween only comes once a year but marketing in the healthcare industry can continue all throughout. Don’t underestimate the value of good marketing and learn when to draw the line with the tricks!