The Ups and Downs Of Google Worship

It’s a little in-your-face but this pic still hits home as far as what SEO mostly comprises of. Being the leading brand in search, anyone who wants to be found on the net will find themselves subject to Google’s judgment. Whether or not you like it though is a question not often explored.

Right now, the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary and it’s only continuing to make big plans for the future of online search. The reactions from SEO marketers though will depend on the new challenges these will inevitably pose:

The decline of spam links and stuffed content.

This has actually been said over and over. Yet still, first-timers to SEO are prone to the misconception that keyword stuffing and old-school backlinking are still king. Google has already taken measures to make sure that their old system is no longer being gamed.

  • Ups – This means that content creators no longer have to worry about how many keywords are in their blogs, press-releases, or even in their comments. Writing is now free to be natural and non-repetitive.
  • Downs – The standards for good content is more or less up for the readers to decide now. In other words, the hard work went from keywords to actual homework. That’ll be a tough task for those who didn’t take their content creation seriously to begin with.

The influence of mobile in search.

Increases in smartphone usage and mobile browsing mean one thing: a new area to explore. Many are expecting the mobile space to be the successor of the internet. Symbolically at least, it represents the need for businesses to position themselves beyond the PC and TV screen.

  • Ups –Getting there ahead of the competition will mean making your business among the first to greet the incoming users. An increase in channels that are neither obsolete nor ineffective will only mean increased opportunities to touch prospects.
  • Downs – The impact of mobile of search will mean a whole new world for web marketing, not just SEO. But as far as the latter is concerned, this means further fine-tuning your content. Mobile search can still differ (and may arguably more advanced) than desktop searches.

No doubt that Google has more than just the above in store. That’s all the more reason for SEO marketers to brace themselves. While you find yourself freed of old SEO tactics, the new demands can still be just as difficult. It’s important for you to have the right attitude in order to appease the god of search.