The Problem Facing by Lead Generators Nowadays

Getting leads is hard, so hard that it will make you beg for a lead, but what’s more scary is getting none. That’s what scares Companies that are in marketing business. But have you ever thought why is it so hard for lead generator to get a lead? Well the answer is simple.


Seriously, if I have a company and needs to be marketed off, then I’ll be gladly to do it. I’ll accept your offer and I’ll gladly pay you, whether you have a decent lead or not, you still marketed my business. But what really gets people to ignore you is the constant email spam that you’ve sent. Almost 75% of the people owns smartphones, or let’s say almost all business owners have a smart phone.

Now we prove that every business owners have a smart phone but where’s the problem? Well, the problem lies within the smart phone. I know for the fact that:

  • Business owners put their business email in their phone.
  • They have with them their phone all the time.
  • They constantly are talking on their phone(When it comes to business matter and stuff?

Then there are marketers who constantly spam mails, wouldn’t you be so annoyed to feel your phone vibrating in your pocket, or the constant ‘Ding’ in your phone, which might disturb you, while you’re having a phone conversation.

And that my fellow Marketers and Possible Clients is the huge problem when it comes to marketing.

How can we avoid this?
It’s simple really, don’t be so eager to get back at them and let them know that you’ll sue them. But that my friend is a joke, a really useless joke. But hey, at least you got an idea from it. but seriously here’s the only tip you should know to avoid them:

  1. Reply to their email – But we’ve already done that!, Are you sure you’ve done it properly? if not then I’ll tell you how, you either ask them that you’re interested or decline them and say that you’ll call them if you’re read.
  2. Don’t comment anymore – We tend to comment further about receiving Telemarketing calls, so we tend to use the internet to ruin its reputation. But remind you, it’s their job to help you search for more B2B agreement. And it’s your duty to be patience

This will be simple if you’re talking to someone who can understand, but not everyone can have the patience that you seek. but this is just a simple tip for you guys that are Lead generator and Business owners, and don’t forget it’s just a job.