Fidelity in B2B Appointment Setting

Cliché as this may sound; real love thrives beyond Valentine’s Day. In the same way, real business connections should grow more valuable after they are made. Leads and appointments aren’t one-night stands. Having many ‘connections’ doesn’t guarantee you anything. Unfortunately, there are still marketers who treat the appointment setting process as if it were a production line of potential customers.

If you were in the shoes of that potential customer, how would you feel? Not too hot. In fact, there those who even equate this with the slave trade. Yes everyone has quotas to meet. (You have your marketers, your salespeople, and ultimately everyone else who has a stake in your revenue.) That’s still no excuse to deny the humanity of those you’re making B2B connections with. Marketers are expected to be professionals, not professional skirt chasers.


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New B2B Lead Generation Campaigns Respond to New Demands

Science fiction has a sweet record when it comes to predicting the future. Take the idea of robots taking the helm of basic human duties for example. It’s an idea that’s not too far from what was seen on the CES Robotics show. The weirdness of it all didn’t take away the fact that these new technologies could prove useful. It’s a common prediction that robots may one day be the ones taking over tasks that are too dangerous for humans.


Setting that aside though, being a B2B marketer does not exempt you from bracing for the same future. With industries like robotics constantly making breakthroughs, lead generation campaigns will have new demands and new markets to target. Today even marketing communications are already influenced by the internet and new technology.


Putting a Seasonal Zing into Your B2B Marketing

While everyone wants time off during the holidays, it’s still the busiest time of the year for all marketers. Who do you think’s behind all those brochures and pamphlets with the little discounts on them? And with a small dash of creativity, this type of marketing is also possible online.

Although, retailers alone aren’t entitled to playing the Christmas tune. Every business owner should come up with seasonal promotions to promote their business, no matter what product or service they sell. Having a seasonal plan in your B2B marketing strategy can still improve sales during an otherwise slow time of the year.

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Why Variety in B2B Marketing Doesn’t Always Mean Viral

From the consumer to the CEO, variety is a natural part of business. Both B2B and B2C products come in different stripes to suit either people’s preferences or certain situations they experience everyday. What’s more, innovations and new technologies only add to the selection.

Naturally, these varieties have in impact in the B2B Marketing department. Different strategies sprout up in response to a new type of business-customer situation and create new tools for the job. A recent example is the way social media marketing helps content goes viral; quickly spreading it even beyond digital.

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Trick or Treat Marketing in Healthcare

It’s the tradition of the young (and the young at heart) every Halloween. It’s quite a treat to have a great bag of full of candies just for dressing up and going door-to-door for them. The costumes range from typical ghosts and ghouls to pop fiction characters like superheroes and hobbits.

But how do you apply the concept of trick-or-treating to marketing in healthcare? Easy. The households are the customers and clients while marketers are the trick-or-treaters. Meanwhile candies and chocolates represent the sales that marketers help generate depending on how good the costumes are. After all, there’s plenty room for art in advertising and promoting your business too.

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The Ups and Downs Of Google Worship

It’s a little in-your-face but this pic still hits home as far as what SEO mostly comprises of. Being the leading brand in search, anyone who wants to be found on the net will find themselves subject to Google’s judgment. Whether or not you like it though is a question not often explored.

Right now, the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary and it’s only continuing to make big plans for the future of online search. The reactions from SEO marketers though will depend on the new challenges these will inevitably pose:

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B2C and B2B Marketing – When Social Media Blurs the Line

Ever since social media marketing became a staple, much debate has went on about the use of one particular network: Facebook.

Typically, social media marketing on Facebook has been associated with consumer products. But of course, such can be a general statement and already several marketing authorities are citing exceptions.

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Getting A Point From Polls

Be it Facebook, LinkedIn or even just a niche forum, polls are a popular tool for understanding your target market. One convenient way B2B marketers employ them is by tying them to events or seasons. It can be something light and general (e.g. workplace pet peeves, Christmas bonuses) or something that could spark a lengthy discussion (e.g. urgent news, political developments, state of the economy).

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Beginner’s Guide to a Good LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn is a great tool for social networking. What makes it different from other social network sites is the Companies Page. Given that Facebook and other social networking sites also have them, LinkedIn is different because of the professionals and other business related parties making up the audience. Its Company Pages clearly have a B2B-oriented feel to them that’s still hard to find in other mainstream social networking sites.

But what a Linked Company Page truly offers are the neat additional features. The use of slideshow images to bring more attention to your top headlines, video clips to support and promote your products and detailed statistical reading of your posts or page itself to understand your audience more. You can use these new features to give your pages the interactive and professional look you always wanted in a B2B profile.


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