How to Construct Good Cold Email Copy

Your company suddenly decided to run an email marketing campaign and you’ve been selected to do the job. You researched and acquired everything you needed for that campaign. You got a list of email addresses, an email copy, software for scheduling blasts, the works. You then went on ahead and scheduled some of these email blasts.

The problem you’re experiencing though is you’re not getting leads or responses at all. You tell yourself that it’s kind of expected on some occasions but when you open your blast report, the statistics show that you have a low number of email opens. You have little or to no replies at all, indicating that your copy didn’t catch the attention you wanted. And whatever replies you got, most of them turn out to be unqualified or misunderstood responses from the offers you’ve forwarded.

After researching what the problem was, you determined that has something to do with your email copy but are unsure how to fix it. And in order to avoid those problems in the future, we will now discuss the aspects that create a good email copy.


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