Switching to Manual with Your Sales Leads

With all this talk of big data, bigger CRM, and cross-channel automation, you’d think that everyone in the world of B2B marketing and sales is going to look like they work on a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier.

But in truth? In spite of all the tracking, sophisticated security, and big-time data crunching, sometimes it’s still better to go manual when you’re looking for sales leads.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to downgrade yourself to the corporate Stone Age just to appreciate it. For example, take Googling a prospect’s name instead of just waiting around for your CRM system to send you notifications about them. Sure it might take a while, for you to actually read through their LinkedIn activities or check the news on their company.

But hey, it beats sitting around and waiting for a computer to hand you the goods. Take the time (at least occasionally) to extend your hand with the computer instead.

  • It shows you’re active – Tom Denison of Startup Grind recently blogged about how most marketers presume a lazy target market. You know what else is wrong with that kind of laziness? It makes you look lazy too. Don’t just sit around waiting for the data to justify every single action you make with prospects. Take a risk! Give them a friendly phone call or an email.
  • You’re another pair of eyes – No matter how well you think a computer can spot what you can’t, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your eyes open. In fact, it can even be better at times because there are some things a computer isn’t hardwired to detect.
  • You can get off a chair – Again, don’t see this from an anti-technological viewpoint. Unlike your data banks, it’s you who still has to get up and go out to meet with prospects (or at least, host the web conference). Even the biggest diehard fans of today’s technology isn’t going to recommend that the tools do all the work for you.

And lastly, think of it as watching two A.I. opponents play a chess match. It sounds fun at first. But eventually, you’ll get bored and like to try your own hand at the game. (And most likely, you’d want to play against a mind that isn’t so flawless.)