Spring Cleaning Your B2B Marketing Strategies

With spring comes spring cleaning. And it’s not just the home and office that needs cleaning out, the same applies to your current B2B marketing strategies.

Spring represents a new season where life begins to bloom again. Likewise, people are looking for something new and refreshing. You can do your part by reviewing and taking out all the old methods and replace them with something that’s a breath of fresh air.

Look back but move forward

Look back to your past online marketing programs and evaluate their results against your past expectations. After that, further contrast this to the changes that have occurred on the playing field. Economic shifts have likely changed prospect behavior and in turn, changed the rules of how we communicate with our customers. Are your messages presenting the right value to them? Are your means of communication realistic enough for them to take you seriously?

New habits, new communication

Economic turnouts aren’t the only things that change buyer behavior. You have the accessibility and availability of increasing options as the result of information technology. This has made dramatic changes to the time, relevance, and priority give to their choices. Communication overload is now a common problem for some while others consider frequent updates as the new norm. Knowing your audience means understanding their preferences and new communication habits.

For one thing, social networks are rapidly expanding both as a communication tool and as a good reference for consumer research. At minimum, these channels are a listening spot to understand your consumers and their relationship with your brand. Compare how your customers are talking about you with the language used on your site and in your marketing materials. Are they consistent? If not, it’s important to use social media strategy as a means of productive and engaging interactions that bridge gaps.

Customer Check-ins

When running e-mail marketing software, keep your e-mail lists should be fairly clean. Too little testing can be a huge waste of resources when you don’t periodically root out non-responders.

Make sure the list members have already expressed interest within a reasonable amount of time, and segment the list into specific categories for targeting. If the customers have changed, the segments might need to change as well. Consider an online survey to check or get some trending data to help drive better decision making.

Cleaning Corners

Make sure that your marketing team is really aligned with the idea that you need a fresh perspective on the target market and on other opportunities. When you start with the mistaken notion that some things are always a given, then you’ve already narrowed your options. Once you have new insights into your customers, competitors, and business, new ideas are guaranteed to follow.

Hopefully you’ll already start seeing the ways in which you’re starting to move your marketing strategy. Now, think about how we can take all those to the next level. If your business has been around for years and has a good number of loyal customers, make sure that those customers know about your social media sites, website and blogs. This can be as simple as a print on the door or a sign at a trade show. Recognize what you do well, and then do it even better.