Social Media and Sales Leads – Are they Both Subjective?

It’s easy to think that sales leads are subjective. More specifically, plenty of organizations have marketers and salespeople constantly go back and forth on defining leads that actually produce sales.

What about social media, though? It’s not news that critics love to decry the medium for actually destroying social skills. But from that debate, you can only ask: What defines as social?

Often times the rejection of social media marketing stems from the same root as rejection of social media in general. And again, that is based on the belief that using social media isn’t really being social.

This a good point. That’s why plenty of social media marketers believe the exact same thing.The most blatant form of self-promotion is a serious crime on social media. It’s irrelevant and off-putting on prospect’s end. The same goes for the marketer’s end, when results don’t bring you any closer to your target prospects or pitching to the right audience. It’s the complete opposite of what sociability is about.

So, what is it about?

  • It’s about connecting – Inbound or outbound, you want the content of your social media properties to really connect with prospects. From the moment they browse your LinkedIn profile, you want to at least touch a few pain points before they even bring it up. That’s how interest is built between your organizations.
  • It’s about influence – You’re not trying to just influence their buying decision. The content you create should be tailored to help them. And when you help them, you build trust. Without that trust, there is no influence.
  • It’s about following-up – And course, you can’t leave them to their own devices until a competitor steals away their attention. You have to follow-up. That is the purpose of engaging them: to drive an action. What makes social media truly social is not what you can share on the network, but what you can make others do outside it.

It might even seem easier to define sales leads than it is to define the ‘social’ in social media. But because of that, you can work together in figuring it out.