Reviving Old B2B Leads Be Like Reviving Godzilla

Good salespeople can be like a double-edged sword. They have an eye for opportunities with the best probability but are too quick to ignore anything less. Low probability prospects still carry value but that’s not enough for those whose minds are set on making the quota.

That’s why you decide to just bury these B2B leads for now in the hopes of digging them up for a long term lead generation strategy. This however also carries some other risks. It can be like waking Godzilla because there’s now an even bigger threat to the entire planet and not even nukes just cut it anymore.

A nuke and a lead generation can have a lot in common in terms to the cost of their respective departments. For every one lead that ends up a sale, companies have splurged on several more that just didn’t make the cut. Too old. Too cold. Any reason to disqualify a present lead consigns to database storage.

Regardless, recycling those leads can help you survive periods where new leads are difficult to come by. It’s a sort of bringing-back-the-dead process but sometimes the dead could include prospects with the temperament of a nuclear powered dinosaur. How do you make sure they won’t eat up your marketers?

  • Step 1: Evaluate their current state – Before you buried them, how close were these leads to truly becoming high-value opportunities? Did they simply show great enthusiasm in their contact form or did they actually promise to come back with a better budget?
  • Step 2: Assign material for steps in the buying process – One proper way to use marketing content is to align it to where the prospect currently is in the buying process. For example, case studies are good for prospects who want to learn more about how your organization solves problems.
  • Step 3: How soon can you fill in what’s missing – You know some details are still missing before your sales can decide to take the plunge. How soon can you resume nurturing these old B2B leads and how soon can you finish qualifying them?
  • Step 4: Check for others – Of course, placing your bets on just a single old lead can be just as bad as relying on an entirely new one. Recycling isn’t just a one-time process. It should span a particular period of your campaign and include more than just one old prospect in your list.

Like reviving any giant monster, sometimes staying calm while it’s still drowsy is the best way to go. Any additional rousing or prodding will obviously just enrage it. And unlike Godzilla, your prospects are really just human so you will always have a good chance that they can be reasoned with.