Research 101: Tactics in Growing Email Lists

Tactics in growing email lists. It cannot be denied that Email Marketing has its great challenge for B2B marketing research. In this post, we will be citing some evidence presented in the research of E. Fariborzi and M. Zahedifard from the International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning, Vol. 2, No. 3, June 2012 in some the tactics in growing email lists of any B2B marketers should implement.

Tactics in Growing Email Lists

Through subscription. Subscriptions are done in three ways in tactics in growing email lists: Subscribe to newsletters, purchase and register during the registration and download.

E-mail forward-to-a friend. “Word of mouth” is one of the most powerful viral marketing techniques in tactics in growing email lists. If members recognize that your content is useful and informative, certainly, it will forward, and this fact increases the number of readers and may even increase the number of registered users.

Social sharing buttons. Social network in tactics in growing email lists has very important role in your business as it can be passed to your subscribers’ followers, their followers’ followers and so on to expand E-mailing lists.

Co-registration. “Co-registration is a widely – used approach to increase the size of your e-mail lists. Co-registration works this way: After completing a subscription form or upon leaving a website, visitors are invited to subscribe to one or more e-zines. If yours is listed among these and the site gets a substantial amount of traffic, you’ll begin to receive a number of subscriptions.”

Offline event/trade shows. You can introduce your business through offline event such as trade show in order to absorb potential customer in tactics in growing email lists.

Growing email lists can be a bit messy in the beginning but given with the right method of gathering correct data, it would reward promising results. Through this tactics, you can perform your email marketing campaigns in a blast making a whole new process in reaching new people.