Putting a Seasonal Zing into Your B2B Marketing

While everyone wants time off during the holidays, it’s still the busiest time of the year for all marketers. Who do you think’s behind all those brochures and pamphlets with the little discounts on them? And with a small dash of creativity, this type of marketing is also possible online.

Although, retailers alone aren’t entitled to playing the Christmas tune. Every business owner should come up with seasonal promotions to promote their business, no matter what product or service they sell. Having a seasonal plan in your B2B marketing strategy can still improve sales during an otherwise slow time of the year.

Despite that, prospects and customers are still busy with the holidays. Know how they spend their time to develop a targeted content strategy that captures their attention. When marketers have finally created useful information, they should not stop there. They should maximize their content’s effectiveness with branding, search optimization, social sharing, and exceptional advertising codes.

Now as creating the main concept behind you holiday B2B marketing, there are a few factors to remember:

  • Dress up your brand. Obvious as this sounds, it’s the reason why people take it for granted. If you’re going to put a holiday zing into marketing strategy, start with your logos and other marketing materials. Put a little Santa hat or something or change the color scheme of your website.
  • Optimizing content for keyword during searches. Use a similar strategy with keywords and hashtags. Try telling stories of your business during this time of year or even the previous year. If you have a promo or two, name them with a Christmas motif in mind.
  • Engagement. Make your content not just something to engage but also addresses season-specific problems. For example, cybersecurity can be a hot topic during and after Cyber Monday Christmas shopping.
  • Enable social sharing. Make sure your content is shareable on many social networks. You can even include the sharing itself as part of your promo. If your content is engaging enough, it can spread and at the same time drive action.

Use coding to track. Finally, learn how to use your technical skills to track your content across these channels. Help them identify where a prospect found your content so you can then further improve optimization and sharing tactics.