Outsourced Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Expand Beyond What You Can Sell

Outsourcing is often touted as not just cost efficient but also a convenient means to increase the reach of your lead generation strategies. All without the heavy expenses of hiring your own marketing teams all the time.

Though no matter how you expand, is lead generation the only process that needs to grow? You could get a campaign that reaches out to hundreds of prospects. But when those prospects show up, how prepared are you to qualify them and arrange meetings with sales? What if you’re only as few as five people on a sales team?

Clearly this is a problem of scale and why the idea of being an overnight success isn’t always a guarantee for long-time success. As a matter of fact, the size of your intended market may not even be that daunting for whatever lead generation company you decide to outsource. The risk of overselling isn’t going to be theirs to bear but yours.

So how do you match the scale of your services to the output you want out of your outsourced lead generator?

  • Assess your company before assessing your provider – Conventional wisdom dictates that you should really watch out only for the best lead generation services. However, even the best lead generators cannot promise what you yourself cannot provide. Everything they do will be over-delivering if you can’t deliver as much.
  • Focus on core processes – One other point of outsourcing is so that you can maintain focus on core processes. These supposedly include the processes that improve and deliver your products and services. So even if you may have over-delivered on your marketing, you now at least have some resources to fix your mistake.
  • Always keep collaborating – Don’t hesitate to keep a constant schedule of follow-up meetings, status reports, and weekly calls to the service provider. Outsourcing isn’t just a mere series of transactions but a genuine business relationship. You may not be partners. You may not even be in the same country. But regardless, everything still works better if you learn to work together.

Overselling is often considered a fault of the marketing department. But when you give up the task to someone who only extends that, you only extend the problem instead of remedying it at the source. Don’t expand your marketing beyond what you can sell.