Opening your Sixth Sense for a better Lead

Can a lead be predicted with the help of a calm mind and body?

Of course we have our own way of predicting the outcome. Some of us, may claim that they are psychic or a mind-reading but when it comes down to it. You just need to see the body gesture of the person. If you know how to understand movements and people way of talking, maybe you can predict the outcome, in which might help you get a Lead

Nowadays we do business through social media or through cold-calls. Having our meeting via internet or video call. So we are given so little hint on what will happened next. We already set up two possible happening, one is which they agree and one in which they will not.


Okay I maybe dramatic in saying “Opening the sight of enlightenment” but I honestly believe that we are only using 20% of our eyes and ears in doing everyday work. Yes, we can see and heard fine but what I mean is we are only seeing and hearing what we want.

If we want something, we always see and hear it. If we need it, we rarely see and hear it. That’s how we work, or some work. In business, we always see this kind of people, Businessman always see what they want and close their eyes once  they have enough of it.

We must look at our surrounding, our work place, our co-workers and our goal in life. both in sight and in hearing, we must able to feel the surrounding as if it wants us too. The sixth sense serves a purpose in our life, and that is to know if we are capable of understanding the way of living. We are being consume by our wants that we recklessly destroy ourselves.


The key to a good contract deal or sale is to know them more than you already know. To see what you can offer and hear what they have to say. Not only in business but in living. We are all trying to live in this world that is only temporary for us. We do hard work and once we’re through, and slowly aged. We are leaving what we thought is permanent.