New B2B Lead Generation Campaigns Respond to New Demands

Science fiction has a sweet record when it comes to predicting the future. Take the idea of robots taking the helm of basic human duties for example. It’s an idea that’s not too far from what was seen on the CES Robotics show. The weirdness of it all didn’t take away the fact that these new technologies could prove useful. It’s a common prediction that robots may one day be the ones taking over tasks that are too dangerous for humans.


Setting that aside though, being a B2B marketer does not exempt you from bracing for the same future. With industries like robotics constantly making breakthroughs, lead generation campaigns will have new demands and new markets to target. Today even marketing communications are already influenced by the internet and new technology.


Changes in buyer behaviors coincide with new social technologies that have taken root into the B2B mainstream. Understanding these new buyer behaviors as well as engaging with them has become top priority for many B2B organizations as they look ahead to 2013 and beyond. Many strategies and tools have come and gone, here’s what’s been learned so far.


Expand your network of decision-makers.

B2B social technologies have blurred the lines between a social network and a network for collaboration, referrals, thought leadership etc. B2B lead generation campaigns require a presence on these networks. Their foothold will serve as a base from which word of mouth can spread about their products and services.


Content for the inner contents.

 Buyers will go to great lengths to see the insides of a product or service. It informs them whether the benefits will be worth the cost. With good content though, you’ll have an easier time convincing them. Avoid overloading them with information but at the same time, exercise transparency. The focus of your content (whether it’s on social media, email copies, or advertising) is how a product will deliver exactly what a prospect wants and less about what you think they want.


The possibility of robots in fields such as healthcare, construction work, and even janitorial services all have an impact on the B2B markets. It only makes sense that B2B lead generation campaigns arm themselves with their own breakthroughs to keep up with new demands.