List Management Tips – Check it twice like Santa!

As Christmas time nears, it’s nice to remember that Santa Claus is quite the list builder himself! You may not see prospects as either naughty or nice but not even St. Nick would make his list too simple when he’s got so many places to go!

Santa uses his list to organize information on his recipients much like how you need to organize what’s on yours. With all the names on it, just having two categories alone aren’t enough to improve the retrieval of all that global information. Managing a list like that needs to consider some of the following:

  • The range of the campaign – Exactly how many recipients do you have in mind? How many of them per industry? How many industries will you even be targeting? These are just some of the things to consider when you are mapping out just how far you’ll be emailing or calling. Otherwise, how will you know if you have enough resources for the campaign?
  • The course of the campaign – Where and when do you start? Do you start by region? When would be the best time to call or email people in that particular region? You’d think even Santa would know that understanding time zones will help him chart the proper course for his one night out of the North Pole.
  • The duration of the campaign – Finally, you need to make sure that your list is enough to keep marketing in line with your other business plans. If it’s not enough, it can end too soon and you’ll need to quickly improvise. If it’s too much, it might become too long for your salespeople’s appointment schedule.

Though Santa’s list goes with a much simpler task of a one-night giveaway, there are plenty of parallels with the lists used in B2B lead generation. You’ve got so many people to contact, things to set up, and different needs/wants to identify.

It only makes sense to organize beyond the simple definitions of qualified or not qualified. As a matter of fact, how do you even know you got a lead when you don’t consider the above?