Jumpstart The Horse Pulling Your B2B Marketing Campaign

In the Chinese zodiac, the year 2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse. Feng shui experts say that this is a lucky year for prosperity in business, love and family. But on that note, counting on all that luck tends to be a typical feature in Chinese culture. Why not put a different spin for your marketing strategy and get your sales horse up and kicking?

With the start of the year come new trends and challenges. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re just starting out or have already spent years in your respective industry. Frustration can accelerate instead of your marketing campaign if it is not positioned properly. Your website needs to function well.  Desired results need to be produced. The people entrusted with certain tasks (cold calling, email, social media management) need to accomplish what’s been asked of them.

In other words, make the most money, with as little time, energy, and resources.

That’s what it means to jump start something and keep it sprinting right? And with that comes the need to point that sleepy horse in the right direction:

  • Focus on a target. Sometimes you only have one horse so learn to focus it on just one, fixed point. That point must have a long history of needing your particular product/service. It will help you identify buyer experts who can be your market influencers.
  • Create CTA content. In B2B marketing, you’re not the only one sending messages to prospects. Whether it’s your calling script or email copy, it needs to stand out and prompt potential clients to move further into the buying process.
  • Give it impact. It may not be advisable to employ a singular channel. Try to spread your messages everywhere. If needed, try posting ads in appropriate social media sites or fine-tuning your direct messages to reach as big an audience as possible (without losing focus).
  • Stay updated. Getting the word out doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep that marketing horse running. A bit of constant maintenance is still in order to let everyone know your campaign, and your company, are still alive and kicking.