Is the Cost of Creativity High in B2B Marketing?

It’s said there are only a few ways for a poet to make money. Promoting one’s own work can be hard and harder still given the fickle nature of publishing companies.

But in B2B marketing, the field of content creation is beginning to raise its difficulty to that level. Providing quality content requires both creativity and relevance from writers.  You don’t even need to apply actual poetry. It’s enough to know those two elements determine how efficient your content is at making promising leads out of a target audience.

Then again, you might think a poet’s price is exactly the number you need to measure the cost of creativity.

Hiring professional poets may vary from as low as $50 – 150 per poem depending on the quality and quantity their works have gained. On the other hand, content writers earn from $5 – 800 per article. That’s quite a wide and difficult gap to narrow down if you want to put a price tag on creativity.

That doesn’t keep more marketers from focusing on content creation. Businesses are employing every channel at their disposal to spread their message. Here’s a closer on what actually drives the cost of content marketing and not solely dependent on the cost of ‘creativity.’

  • According to Nielsen, content marketing can drive three times the sales of digital advertising. Branded websites, including blogs, are trusted by about three-fifths of respondents due to exposure and interaction from the audience. Meanwhile search advertising only gained trust from two-fifths of respondents while other digital advertising formats are less trusted than paid search.
  • Content marketing’s cost-per-lead is said to drop an estimated 80% after the first five months according to Kapost and Eloqua. This finding is consistent with Hubspot’s blogging research which showed that blogging two to three times a week has the most impact on acquiring customers.

Every piece of content you distribute has to break through the clutter and to your target audience. More than that, it has to be compelling enough that they’d choose your message over the din of the competition. But once you’ve done it right, it doesn’t get that expensive for long. So regardless of what price you think you’re paying for creativity, perhaps the rate that it actually changes should be more of your concern.