How to: Know if you’re killing your business

“When you’re out of ideas, you’ve killed your company”

The things that really concern us Prospect is that when you went up to us and offer us your services or product, one Thing will surely come into our mind “Is this going to last long?”

Prospects know when a company is at its peak of shutting down, and this is surely going to kill all your hard work if you still think that a prospect can save your business. Yes, we can save your business, but in the right time.

Not understanding customers Feedback- If you don’t like getting a bad feedback then you should be running a business. Because this negative feedback came from customers, who are still willing to come back again, if you try to correct what they mention in that feedback.

Can’t be located- Pretty much what all business undergo too when starting, but if your business is within 3-6 months after opening and still you don’t see your business bloom, then it means that you haven’t been recognized by people as a good service provider business, which can lead to a cry for help to companies who can endorse your business to others.

No Updates in Business website- If you don’t have a business website, then start one. This is one essential thing a business should have. And keep in mind that you need to update everything you want clients to know about your business. If you can’t update then how should clients or prospects know what your company can offer

You’re not looking for prospects; you’re looking for a lifesaver- This is only applicable if you’re just looking for a prospect to save your business. There are only two options to save your business, it either look for a partnership or sell it to a known company in your area. And you wouldn’t want to sell your company right?