How Splitting Off Can Boost Lead Generation

Separation never seems to be a good thing for most people. It’s like the Grim Reaper to personal relationships and the recipe for war to those in political office.

But for your lead generation campaign, it might actually be an all-new selling point and the birth of better value proposition to your prospects. To demonstrate, here’s a look on how a complete break-up worked to benefit the conflict between Samsung and Apple.

In the recent case of Apple against Samsung’s infringement to their products, the iConic smartphone company finally took the chance to make a complete break with its once partnered rival. Even before this, Apple still had to rely on Samsung for the A-series processors and display monitors in their phones. But with the appearance of chip-industry giant TMSC, they can now cut off their reliance on Samsung products altogether.

Many still remember the day this all started back when Samsung was simply one of Apple’s distributors for their phone line, way before the release of its first Galaxy line of mobile technologies. The similarities Samsung drawn between its own and Apple’s were no small joke. It bred doubts for the customers of both companies about the authenticity of their favored brands.

Plenty of patents and infringements were tossed about. The structure and software seemed all too alike with the only major difference being that Android was open source. At first the dispute started small, but it became all out war when Samsung released the Galaxy S II and experienced commercial success. This allowed it to dominate the smartphone market which left Apple little choice but to launch a counter offensive. When you think about it, this seemed closer to a real war: both companies at each other’s throats and consumers suffering from the drama. There was too much focus on legal battles instead of any real innovation (where both companies originally drew the strength of their marketing messages).

But now both companies are clearly separated and everyone’s looking forward to increasing distinctions between products. This might have created higher walls between their respective fanbases but expect competition to grow fairer with a shift back to innovation as the brand message for both tech giants. So the next time you’re thinking a split could be bad news, think first about what your target market actually thinks about the relationship with your partner company. If they see a tenuous one, they might have better expectations of your product if they learned you broke off as well.