How Independence Day Teaches B2B Marketers to Go Global

For the internet, Independence Day can mean one or two things. You had the regular 4th of July but you also have the 1996 movie of the same name. And with constant rumors of a sequel, it’s not a film that’s easy to forget.

Yet, that’s exactly why both the film’s legacy and message applies to global B2B marketing and outsourcing.

Ryan Lambie of DenofGeek describes the film as the one that defined summer movies. When it hit theatres the first time in 1996, newspapers were reporting on the queues that built up outside cinemas all over America. In just three days, it had made approximately $63m at the US box office.

But of course, that is nothing compared to the idea of globally unity expressed in the film. It use of an American holiday wasn’t pure coincidence as one of its most memorable scenes speaks of taking it beyond just American independence but that of the whole world from an alien threat.

It looks like even back then, the idea of taking something national and going global was starting to take root. Today, even small companies can tailor advertising campaigns that can reach a global, online audience. All you need is either a good online marketing strategy or outsource traditional marketing processes to strategically placed countries. Couple that with some industries’ capacity for online delivery (e.g. cloud computing) and its get easier to imagine a world where an idea finds itself expressing itself beyond national borders.

The film itself attributes more than 60 percent of its gross earnings to an overseas market. So if a summer blockbuster in the 90s can achieve this, how much more in an age where the internet alone can command much of the world’s attention. The plot may be old school but the idea presented both in the film and in its own marketing campaign is very much alive.

That said, it’s important that B2B marketers don’t just presume their websites, online content, and social media presence presents itself to a local audience. Keep track of where else you’re getting all your traffic and see if you can make plans of ever tapping the global market.