How Can Lead Generators Draw Out the Essence of a Prank Product?

April Fools had once again brought the marketing world a hilarious montage of prank products and too-good-to-be true innovations from well-known brands.

But for B2B lead generators, does the little celebration make them feel a little bit left out? You shouldn’t worry. The minds behind these prank products can hold a few pearls of wisdom for when you’re marketing your real ones.

  • Prank products can play upon actual business failings – It can pay to poke fun at yourself. For example, if you know that your customer service is bad, show it that way (without making it even worse of course). Not only is it a light way to admit you’re wrong, it’s even better when it’s also your way of promising that you’re going to do something about it.
  •  They touch upon customer’s latest needs – Some customers ask for the impossible. That doesn’t’ mean you shouldn’t humor them. It’s not unusual for that ‘impossible’ demand to still gain enough traction in your target market to merit serious inquiry. Think of it like a brief experiment to determine just what your customers would really like for a new product.
  • It has comments on the state of the industry – Are you a thought leader? Well, that doesn’t put you above playing a practical joke. If anything, they’re more likely to expect it from your brand. And given your position, it’s likely they even expect you to take jabs at your industry’s biggest challenges or the latest happenings. (Notice how some of the recent prank products involved wearables and mobile.)
  • A sneaky way to hint what’s next in store– Some businesses are actually way ahead of others to the point that a prank product is actually preview product. If you have a prototype and you want feedback on it, making it look like a practical joke is another way to test-run. It’s usually this sort of tactic that makes for the biggest surprise of all.

In the future, there’s no telling what else brands are going to display as prank products. You could even be among them! What’s important however is that you know truly makes these things great.