How B2B Marketing Can Celebrate Customer Anniversaries

Anniversaries symbolize the birth of something important and had lasted the ups and downs of its life. Even for a business, that’s something you have to acknowledge (if not celebrate). This applies to not just your own company’s anniversary but the anniversary of your own B2B clients!

When your friend’s birthday comes up, you’d throw a party. Why not with your own client’s company anniversary? That company isn’t just a label or a brand. It’s an entity that had its own life, its own history so a little yearly celebration is only natural.

That’s why companies like LinkedIn and Facebook celebrate the importance of each anniversary to help represent the continued support of their relationship with their own users. It’s both a marketing tactic and a means of strengthening their ties.

Underneath though, there’s a challenge. You’re not the only business entity who makes use of this tactic. You have to distinguish yourself among the many who are also tied to your customer organization and would like to offer their own congratulations. It’s an opportunity to represent your business’ individual identity in the midst of diversity while reminding them about the unique connection you had established in the first place.

Transform the norm

Giving a new spin to an old norm doesn’t have to mean flamboyant.  Pictures of flowers, cakes, while generic can serve as a base for designing your email templates, social media messages etc.

Here’s an idea send them a plain with only a small hint and then a link to a site. As your prospect double checks to see if it’s really from you (and yes, you still show that it is), they finally click.

What does the link show them? Does it show a digital birthday card with their logo on it? Is it a slideshow featuring the best times you’ve worked with them?

Kind of heartwarming isn’t it? That’s the key to being creative: let the thought behind it guide it.

Highlight achievements

In business, nothing is like a celebration that’s backed by solid facts of your prospect’s success. Presentations that list their achieved goals or increased growth are the best gifts for prospects who like their numbers.

But don’t just stick to streaming in stats. Mark them as you would mark any great achievement. Use medals, ribbons, or other symbols of victory.

Simple well-wishing

If neither of the previous suggestions seem to fit (like you may not actually know that client all that well yet), you can still just wish them well. If there doesn’t seem anything else you can fill your messages with, a well-written note will suffice. You don’t have to push yourself to put content that you don’t have enough information to create.

You don’t need to be too promotional or draw more attention to your business. That’s what the future years of building a relationship is for.