Google – The SEO Marketing Dictionary?

When researching keywords, it gets tough when you worry about the competitor’s selection. There’s only so much rank you can get for a single keywords and your mental dictionary is running thin on the alternatives. The craziest part? Sometimes these competitors aren’t even after the same target market!

It only goes to show that working in SEO really does wonders for your brain. It’s probably the only job in the world where you feel like you’re worshiping a single search engine. But asides from that, it also has a funky way of scrambling your mental dictionary.

That’s not good when you’re trying to both establish a brand name and have that name snag a few keywords at the same time. Below are some funny examples of just how messed up Google’s own dictionary had become because different brands decided to compete with them:


For B2B sales and marketers, this means the basic requirements of lead qualification: Budget, Need, Authority, and Timeframe. For first timers in B2B business, you would think that this was a good keyword. Yet according to Google, ‘bant’ is more well-known as a knight-filled realm on Alara, one of the many fantasy worlds of popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering.

So while you may think you’re going head-to-head with other B2B sites teaching all about B.A.N.T., your biggest rival could in fact be the fantasy nerd branch of Hasbro.


Say, out of desperation, you decide to use something that has more oomph. Suppose you decide to shorten your brand into an acronym. Ideally, it’ll be easier to search. Your prospects can roll it off their tongues when talking about your business, products, and services. It’s the perfect brand name right?

Well, just make sure you don’t use ‘wow’ Because, just like B.A.N.T., typing that on Google will get you yet another trip down Geekvile (this time, to the world of Azeroth).


So say instead of going for fancy business term or snazzy acronym, you take the humble route. You choose a simple term. It’s like how Oracle or Wendy’s started out. It may not mean a thing now but with enough offline success, you’ll be at the top in no time right?

Well, there’s really nothing wrong with that except you better be working on that success right this second. Because as of the moment, even the keyword ‘bleach’ would sooner show you a Japanese comic book series. Meanwhile the laundry chemical is barely seen (even while second at the top results).

The strangeness of search results is a phenomenon many SEO marketers get used to in the long run. Although, is that really a good thing or is it a reason to get cautious? Avoid underestimating the competition when banking on keywords for attention. Sometimes they won’t even know what it is you’re selling either.