Fidelity in B2B Appointment Setting

Cliché as this may sound; real love thrives beyond Valentine’s Day. In the same way, real business connections should grow more valuable after they are made. Leads and appointments aren’t one-night stands. Having many ‘connections’ doesn’t guarantee you anything. Unfortunately, there are still marketers who treat the appointment setting process as if it were a production line of potential customers.

If you were in the shoes of that potential customer, how would you feel? Not too hot. In fact, there those who even equate this with the slave trade. Yes everyone has quotas to meet. (You have your marketers, your salespeople, and ultimately everyone else who has a stake in your revenue.) That’s still no excuse to deny the humanity of those you’re making B2B connections with. Marketers are expected to be professionals, not professional skirt chasers.


Signs that You’re Skirt Chasing B2B Appointments


  • #1. You rely on the wrong metrics – Say your appointment setting strategy begins with social media. How do you measure success? By the number of people in your network? These people aren’t automatically your paying customers. This is but one example of using the wrong metrics to measure the success of your marketing relationships.


  • #2. You focus too much on new customers – Acquiring new customers should never be the sole means of keeping your business afloat, let alone forward. A skirt chaser can have the best pick up lines and he’s still leaving broken hearts. What about you? Are you the same with your pitches?


  • #3. You give up too easily – It’s the same with rejection. When you failed to push a prospect through, you never speak to them again. When your business failed to deliver, you cut all ties and forget you ever me them. All the while, you’ve missed out on second chances and opportunities to recycle old leads under the notion that you’re ‘moving on.’


  • #4. You really don’t know what you want – Part (if not the main reason) why you can’t maintain is perhaps you really don’t know what you’re looking for in an appointment. Your marketers have no goals outside of an obscure volume that can’t always guarantee sales.


The excessive emphasis on quantity over quality has always been a problem for B2B marketing and sales. But with the internet throwing in more channels and more information into the mix, it could get worse.

On the other hand, it could also get better if B2B marketers used the same resources to show more fidelity to the businesses they cater instead of treating them like cash flings.