These Designs Help Us Get your B2B Marketing Straight Up

While you don’t need to be a designer to create eye-catching HTML emails in your lead generation campaign, you can still benefit from these tips written by our expert designers as you build your emails. With DMA Central.  Email marketing templates and these tips you’ll be creating professional and engaging email campaigns that will help your B2B marketing straight up.Designs Help Us Get your B2B Marketing Straight Up

Background Images

Do not use background images with layered text on top. Most email clients, such as Outlook 2007, will not show your background image to your business leads. If you focus a lot of time on the background image and less on the content, some of your business leads may only see a bland email campaign.

Main Call to Action

Place the most important information of your email in the top left area, including title and your main call to action. Most business leads view emails in a preview pane and this is the first thing they will see. You want to engage the business prospects to open your email and not pass over it. We recommend not using large graphic or logo in this section as many people have their images turned off and will not see these images in your B2B marketing websites.

Make Your Call to Action Stand Out

Have your main call to action in bold text or a bright-colored button that contrast against the background of your email for a better lead generation services. If you use a button, make sure you repeat your call to action near it in text format and in other places in the email, so people with images turned off can still see it.

Web-like Navigation

Try not to use web-like navigation in your emails. This includes navigation bar links to your website at the top of the email for better lead generation campaign. Many people read emails on their mobile devices, which are not very HTML friendly when it comes to format and linking.

Complement Your Website

Use colors that are complementary to your logo and your website. Using consistent branding in your emails, website and collateral strengthens your brand and recognition for you and your business

Designs are important in B2B marketing because business people too and will only get the interest flick if you have a very nice and attractive websites.