Cold Calling Mistake 101: The “YOU” Instead of “THEM”

Cold calling. If you are a cold caller, you might be shocked at this: the people behind the phone you are calling don’t care about you at all. They will never give any commotion as to what you want to do. Your quota is none of their concern. You think you have a great product or service? Never had it in their radar. What? You’re concern about getting ten new prospects every week? Well, no one care except you.

Cold Calling

For this cold calling mistake, the problem here is that the cold caller acts and sounds like, well, a cold caller himself. True enough, many cold caller out there roots their problem with this mistake: the caller doesn’t prepare adequately, doesn’t research ahis prospect, read a dumb script that usually results in rejection and sometimes center the topic about the caller’s want. The caller’s want to talk about the product, discuss if they could do business together and set a time to get in touch.

The reason why you can’t work that out with your prospect because on the other end of the phone, the prospect only care –same as you, is himself. What should he do with what you have to offer? What actions should be done? With that reason, you can start caring about your prospect. If you want any chance at all at being successful with prospecting everything you think about, do, and say needs to be about the prospect.

So get over yourself. You are not going to buy from you. From this point forward, it is all about them.

The interesting dynamic at work, though, it is OK for you to want the prospect to do something. Actually, that’s a key element of the tele-prospecting process, your primary objective. However, you accomplish it only by making it all about them. The great motivator, Zig Ziglar, says that:

“You can get whatever you want in life by helping enough others get what they want.”

So, what do your prospects want, and how can you possibly help them get it?

Tip: At the beginning of your prospecting session, first, get into your “All about them” mindset. Then, you need to crawl into the minds of your prospects to define the possible value you might be able to deliver. In what ways might you help them increase revenue, lower costs, avoid risk or otherwise benefit? Get specific with your descriptions, as we will use them later.