Can Lead Generators Satisfy Everyone?

Take a minute to read the title again. What’s your general reaction? Is it the adage, “You can’t please everyone.” or are you actually nodding your head, confident that you can?

Either way, it pays to actually think a little deeper about what it means for lead generators to please everyone. Because when you do, you might realize that the number of people you’re trying to please could exceed beyond both your prospects and your sales reps combined.

Now if you still think that lead generation is still just about pleasing prospects enough to give your sales rep their time, you need to expand your mind a little more. There’s really no way for you to do that unless you consider the level of satisfaction for both parties (and beyond).

Again, think about it:

  • For sales reps, your leads have to be good enough – First up is the obvious. Don’t pull wool over your own eyes when people say sales reps treat leads as customers would treat your own products. If the lead fails to close, there’s a good chance that at least some of the blame will transfer to the marketers. You also have to consider appointment setting strategies that don’t create inconvenience for their own schedules.
  • For customers, their buyer experience has to be good enough – Next is the second obvious thing. Customer experience today is becoming a stronger driving force behind conversion and customer satisfaction. Your product might hit a few pain points but that could get a little moot when purchases and customer service are less than stellar.
  • For other employees, the job has to be good enough – Finally, you can’t forget that employee satisfaction is another concern that is sadly not discussed among B2B marketing experts. Imagine connecting your company to a client that your own employees start to hate working for. Do you really think a situation like that, unless defused, is going to result in a healthy, long-term business relationship and environment?

Looking at that list, don’t blame yourself for either feeling exhausted or that your job got cut out for you. Because chances are, you’re probably right. (Who in their sane mind came up with this crazy idea where your very income rests on extreme corporate people pleasing?)

Whoever that person is though, here’s a bit of good news: You won’t be alone in trying to achieve this task.

  • Your sales reps have their fair share – Communicating with sales rep has often been advised when you want to generate leads they won’t automatically reject. Of course, this goes both ways. Your lead generators have the right to hold reps to certain standards of professional selling skills. You don’t have to exhaust them to the point that they might as well do the reps job.
  • You’re not complete responsible for other employees – An employee’s problem is everyone’s problem. That however doesn’t mean you’re implicated. It means everyone else should pitch in when dealing with problematic clients as well as poor work experience. It’s something to think about as marketers but also something to send all the way up to your C.E.O. The point is, you shouldn’t feel so alone in this.

All in all, this can take you back to where lead generators are supposed to be focused on: better customer experience, better sales opportunities. What you should do is not interpret this as trying to please everyone but rather, how you can work with everyone.