The Blueprint of New Marketing Campaigns

Flashy new marketing campaigns and pushy sales techniques are inconsistent with the image of a firm like yours. And cold calling is just out of the question. It is time consuming, unproductive and frustrating – and it can make you look desperate. So what do you do? What are your options?

The Blueprint of New Marketing Campaigns

Your new business blueprint doesn’t replace your sales team.

New marketing campaigns. Its purpose is to support the sales team and sales structure you already have … to ultimately improve the performance of your sales effort.

We understand that not all companies have the same sales structure. Some have a dedicated new business team while others treat sales as a part-time exercise.

New marketing campaigns. Some companies use outside sales teams, others rely on inside sales people and some use both. And then there others who depend on third parties to representative their services in the field.

Your new business in new marketing campaigns blueprint should be developed around your specific sales structure and your particular sales situation.

Plan for the long haul.

This blueprint isn’t a short term fix.

It is a long-term solution designed to produce a consistent flow of new leads and customers not just for three, six or twelve months, for many years to come.

New marketing campaigns. One of the advantages of direct response is that it allows you develop a repository of response data which will help you plan for the future.

With each individual marketing effort or campaign, you can review the results, the repeat, expand or adjust. Over time you will find a combination of factors and activities that consistently produces the best possible response for you. This is known as your Control.

With an established Control, you will want to stay with what works but you should still allocate a small portion of your budget to try new things – always with eye on improving your results.