Being confident might bring your prospects closer

We all know the saying “Being confident is being you” or it is just my saying? Man talk about embarrassment. Anyways despite that I’m the only one, whose thinking like this let me explain why. We live in a world where we are being judge, and we all know that one person who always judge and judge and it’s really annoying.

But let’s be honest, we are all judgmental being, once we grow up, we will look for mistakes that others commits and make them re-live that experience until it’s not funny anymore.

But this doesn’t mean that we are being rude, it’s just in our nature. We humans are always thinking ourselves to be the higher being (Which is kinda true because God made us superior to any living being in this world). But does it mean that we are higher than other people?

I mean sure some are rich and some are poor, some are senators and some are factory workers. But once we die, we are all the same. Okay, I guess I’m kinda drifting away from my main topic here and that’s “Confident might bring you a quality prospect.”

So, why does being confident might bring us a prospect? Well, like I said before we are judge by everyone once we get out of our room. (Our man cave or girls only club/room). Being confident might change other people minds towards you. So, in business it means that you are showing that you can be trusted. But wait, isn’t there a somewhat negative side when you trust a confident Businessman or Woman? Yes, Yes there is and here some of it.

  • A wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing – Should I explain this? Or not? Maybe a little bit explanation might do. So why did I say bring this Wolf in sheep’s clothing? Well, the fact that EVERYONE having these hidden motives in their mind, it’s not surprising if we see someone crying for justice when they are being tricked or scammed at
  • Brainwashing might be a think now – okay I should explain this one. Ever wonder why people are doing crazy things or accepting crazy request to people who think of themselves as a superior one? Because they are being misled by the lies that superior are telling. Like a senator who’s running for presidency, I mean we all know the corrupt allegations but why do we or other people keep voting for this guy? Well it’s simple. MONEY!

With this two, you should be able to be aware at some prospect. But there’s also a good side when we trust our prospect or people services. We are able to know or gain experience from what might we get from them. May it be a hard lesson to study or an easy one that can prepare us for another mistake we will be into.