B2B Tip #1: Getting ready is a challenge


When we toss our academic cap in the air and cry for a minute or two. It means that we graduated in our chosen course and university. But it doesn’t stop there; our life isn’t over just because we finish college. We may graduate with honors or recognition but once we left that ceremony hall, we are entering the real world.

Some student might gone to the real world while they’re in college, working in various part-time jobs and even taking up night shift classes to make up for missed classes. To tell you the truth, that’s just a stepping stone in your life, it’s hard to seek part-time job when you don’t have an experience to begin with. Every job offers requires a minimum of 3 to 6 months of experience and you’re just applying for a part-time job. Everyone undergo this kind of experience.

Now let’s compare the searching for a job to finding leads. The same concept applies, although we barely notice it, it’s the same concept in finding a job. Your business needs a lot of experience before you can WOW possible Client or Prospect.

Things to know before finding the right Job/Leads/Prospect:

  • Personality is the key to your success – Well, preparation is a must when you’re going to an interview, and same goes in doing business with other business owners. But the thing is, it’s not just how you present yourself, it also requires how you go well with other people. You are doing business with a client that is interested in your product or service, how well you communicate and show interest is based on your personality, personality reflexes one’s intention, if I do say so myself.
  • Be mindful of your surrounding – Ah, the one thing that most people tend to forget, their surroundings. As we all know, our surrounding can change our views. When we see something that reminds us of our past we seldom kept quiet. And this could affect your way of communicating with business owners or interviewer.
  • Know when it’s time to listen – We always could talk all day long, but we can’t listen for a minute or two. This is how I see people when I’m trying to have a conversation with them. When they started to speak, our mind began to wander around. Talking to ourselves, making silly jokes inside our head.

We all know that one person in our group who brags about his/her achievement during their school days, who wouldn’t. Being a Cum laude, Magna Cum laude and Summa cum Laude is the best present any child can give their parents, of course being a good student with no bad record also counts as a good present. But does it really tell how smart we are? This is some questions I want you to answer. I know some of you may find this easy, but trust me. When you think about it again, your mind will change.