B2B Sales Reps Should Use Valentine’s Day Planning Skills

Like Christmas and Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for meeting someone special. Perhaps the only real difference is the number of people. Think Romeo and Juliet, the Cowherd and the Weaver, or even Calypso and Davey Jones.

Even if not an official holiday, it’s certainly treated as the one day where couples forget what keeps them apart. Such a special occasion certainly merits plenty of planning.

But now that the day is over, don’t you think those planning skills can still have use beyond the holiday? B2B marketers and sales reps could certainly use them to avoid the consequences of missing vital appointments.

While sales meetings aren’t as enjoyable as candlelight dinners it’s definitely what will pay for them. Knowing how to prioritize, schedule properly, and qualify prospect interests is a good way to keep one’s planning skills sharp even after Valentines.


  • Prioritize. This hardly means throwing out the flowers and empty chocolate boxes. Qualifying leads and setting B2B appointments isn’t an overnight process. Depending on your industry, it could span between a few days, weeks, even months. Learn to allocate appropriate amounts of time to different phases. This helps salespeople know when to expect appointments and what to do until then.


  • Scheduling. Your sales reps should have a daily schedule that keeps track of appointments they already have. A certain portion of that time should also be dedicated to preparing materials and reviewing prospect information. And on that note, the latter should already contain names, information on needs, requirements, budget, and anything else that’s vital to winning sales strategies.


  • Qualifying. The longer process of qualification encompasses not just the lead generation process itself. It also includes the extensive marketing and demand generation strategies used to bring potential clients at the start of it. Understanding how prospects learned about a business helps salespeople establish a good start when finally meeting them.


When you’re planning to meet the special someone on Valentine’s Day, you pull out all the stops. You make sure nothing goes wrong. It’s a real shame thought that some people only limit those skills for that one day. Break the status quo and use the same dedication when meeting with your potential clients.