B2B Marketing Tips – Communicating with Ghost Leads

Most often, people presume the horror monsters that do the dirtiest kills are zombies, vampires, or serial killers like Leatherface. However, when it comes to ghosts, movies like Thir13en Ghosts, The Grudge and, quite recently, Insidious 2 still do a really good job of showing how murderous they can be.

Despite that though, there are some things about them that you shouldn’t forget. And on that note, these same things shouldn’t be forgotten when you’re trying to recover lost/dead leads.

Recycling leads is a common strategy for those who have run out of new sources of contact information. By then, your contact database should have already reached an impressive size so recycling seems like a logical next step. After all, the prospects who said no to you long before might say yes now.

The risk though is that it can be like visiting a haunted house. And like the haunted houses in modern ghost movies, some spirits there can be vengeful. Contacting them again could mean threats of lawsuits, an angry phone conversation, and even bad publicity. But again, there are some things about them that you must know that are often overlooked in serial spooks.

  • They were people once tooThir13en Ghosts is a really good example about how backstories give ghosts a distinct appeal. Who were they? How did they end up like that? And more importantly, have you asked the same questions about your former prospects? Why do they find you particularly pesky? Was it something another provider did? Is that just how they are? Checking a prospect’s background will always be part of the lead qualification process, even when the business leads themselves are recycled.
  • There’s a need to pass on – For ghosts, this means crossing over so they won’t haunt anything again. In the same way, you need to let these prospects move on by leaving them alone (and in way, this makes them even easier than killer ghosts). It’s clear that they don’t want to hear from you ever. Why not respect their wishes?
  • You have to resolve something – Of course, perhaps you may also find a way to put their fury to rest. Given that you already know their backstory, there must be some unfinished business that they want over and done with. Sure, some prospects just don’t want you around or can’t be pleased but not all of them. Probe around for any problems you may not have considered last time.

Unlike vampires or zombies, getting rid of a ghost requires more investigation and problem solving. There’s a lot less action going on (other than maybe, running away from them). Likewise, dealing with angry, former prospects may require just as much.