B2B Marketers and Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day doesn’t just celebrate biological ones. They include all father figures whether they’re uncles, grandfathers, teachers, and of course, bosses.

They’re the authority who wears the pants in the family, sets down the drafts of the rules, and traditionally commands the most respect. It can be assumed that plenty of males in senior management position are already fathers so don’t be surprised if they literally get their skills from the home front.

And with Father’s Day, expect gifts to be going around. But while everyone’s getting them golf clubs, evenings out, and gift certificates, how can B2B marketers reward the fatherly men in their prospect lists?

Make things easy when they browse.

These people expect efficiency when they’re selecting from any business, no matter how large the inventory or selection. If your store is online, make it easier for them to search a particular product. Put buyer guides on your blogs or in your newsletters. Offer suggestions based on your past understanding of their buyer habits. Some of these people would rather have their.

Give them more free time.

B2B marketers could also just slow down for a bit and give prospects a choice to free up time for their family. Keep your appointment setting process from putting in too much into their calendars. Here’s another suggestion: try tying up with other services and offer incentives for keeping that time freed up for Father’s Day.

Make a gift out of your business.

Establishments like healthcare practices and hair salons get a lot business on days like Father’s Day weekends. You would too if you somehow managed to make yourself a source of Father’s Day gifts. This could also apply to prospects who have father figure authorities in their work place. Give them ideas that can they can pass on to those people or suggest B2B purchases that can help higher management.

Play along

If your B2B firm really doesn’t have an ideal Father’s Day product, you could still at least let everyone know you’re aware. Put a casual poll or discuss Father’s Day related topics in your next blog posts. Feature any customer who’d like to talk about their fatherhood on your website or social media property.

The idea here is only so that you won’t look like some disconnected alien that’s completely out of touch with anything outside its niche.

Father’s Day ideas aren’t just within the realm of consumer gifts. There are plenty of ways that B2B firms can include it in their marketing strategy. Dads can bring home the bacon if they don’t have work places to get it.