B2B Leads: Everything will be alright

As much as we want to, we can never be perfect. I, as a writer am afraid of critics and bashers. But hey, I’m not perfect and this is how the world works. Everyone criticize other people, we can’t stop them. But what we can do is ignore them. I’ve read about a writer who have Publishing anxiety, and I have that too.

As I stepped in this world, I knew nothing but having fun. As I grow up and still continuing to grow in this world, I could honestly say that, “The world will change over time; all we have to do is to wait” I still have some fun, but mostly I’m trying to survive in this world.

So what’s with this back story or this non-sense? This has nothing to do with B2B leads or Lead Generation. As you all know, from the first line of this blog you’ll know what this will be about. We are in this world as an individual who has this unconsciously wants to be perfect. So we tried to come up with a way that will ensure our future or be perfect at something.

The same goes for business owners, you don’t want to be criticized, you and your company, But it’s normal. I’ve interviewed a friend of mine, he owns a computer café. I asked him ‘what is his greatest fear’ he became silent, and started to stare at his café, then he told me ‘My greatest fear, is when I die, I would leave this place where I call home, where I met my friends and new friends like you’

We are all afraid, even when doing business we are afraid. We are afraid that maybe, we won’t cut the cheese or that we aren’t good enough. But we must stop and ask ourselves ‘am I going to stay like this forever?’