Appointment setting Tip: Top-notch 5 Techniques for success

Appointments are crucial in businesses; it requires us to set an appointment for our sales rep to take over to close the deal. Sounds easy right? But it’s not, the mere fact that appointment setting is right before the deal is what makes appointment setters nervous and scared. Even if you have a script, you will never know what the possible client will say or ask.

So how can you persuade possible clients to agree for you to transfer them to the sales rep? Well, I will give you five top-notch techniques.

  • Give yourself a pat in the back – Might be early to do this, but this gives you a positive self-reinforcement so that you won’t be nervous or scared. Knowing that you can be your fully functional self can make you a better appointment setter

  • Give less care in client’s tone of voice – You might be wondering why I’m telling you this but, I recently found that the less you care about the tone of your clients, the more you can concentrate on what you’re saying. This gives the client some thoughts that can change his/her mind into agreeing with you for a transfer to your sales rep.

  • Have a quick review about your performance – Well, if your performance in setting up an appointment is a little rusty or you are not quite good at it. Why not look at a mirror and start practicing, listen to what you’re saying, even if you have script in hand you still might lack what we call “The Right Tone” Having this can greatly help you persuade the future client

  • Go beyond what is expected from you – Of course, you can’t do that because some company policy requires you to stick with the script. If so, try improving some of the script. If you don’t then you’ll be stuck with that routine. And if that happens, you can’t have a quick review about your performance. If you do improve, who knows, you may get them to agree to be transfer to your sales rep.

  • Be yourself when it’s not going well – When things get rough, we are unable to think rational thoughts. We are driven to say thinks unprofessional and that might cost us our job. With this saying, I mean that you need to think first before saying anything else. Avoid using interjection words. This can trigger possible clients to think that your company is inexperience and unprofessional. This can end possible sales deal.

The lists above are just a few things that we should keep in mind when talking someone on the phone, and just a few tips so you don’t panic when you’re taking or setting up an appointment