4 Areas To Focus On When Selling Software In Financial Services

Selling Software In Financial Services. Today there is now more competition in the financial technology space and more and more end-users are giving technology an increased priority in their strategy and road-map. That means that providing a competitive, targeted and well sold solution is essential to continued vendor success. There are factors contributing to a successful system that covers in the ‘Buy and Sell Side Trading Systems’ part of our insight – is to help you sell your product and to stand out in the sales process in the face of increasing competition.

Selling Software In Financial Services

There are countless aspects selling Software In Financial Services to think about when selling your software – we are not trying to re-invent the wheel here, nor teach you to suck eggs, the 3 areas below are merely what our end-user / buyer clients have told us are their main considerations when looking to purchase new software.

1) Functionality

Clients want systems in selling Software In Financial Services that totally (or as near as possible) answer both current needs and those predicted in short-term plans – the caveat to this is that end-users want systems that, if their trading model / business lines change, is easily adaptable and customizable with minimal effort. This should drive an increased analysis of upcoming business plans which should then be woven into the sales pitch to demonstrate a future proof solution.

2) Interoperability

As solutions move away from ‘all-in-one’ and new vendors come to the market with niche offerings for very specific tasks it is hugely important for sales and pre-sales consultants to understand the technical environment they are trying to sell into. Make sure you understand the prospective clients’ technologies and be ready to sell on how your solution can fit into this architecture – needing extensive configuration / adaption changes to integrate a new platform will go against you as networking, infrastructure, connectivity and security feature more and more in the decision-makers process in selling Software In Financial Services

3) Flexibility (System)

Demonstrate in selling Software In Financial Services and sell on the flexibility of your solution looking to answer positively questions around how easily it can be implemented, configured, and up-scaled, adapted for a changing user etc. Many of the vendors who are doing well at the moment provide a variety of solutions depending on the target (e.g. enterprise for large user groups, cloud based / hosted / SaaS for lighter weight use) – again this must of course relate to the business needs of your prospective client but flexibility and adaptability should not be overlooked as attractive traits in new solutions.

4) Flexibility (Your Offering)

There is no perfect ‘one-size fits all’ model for providing software and services and as such you need to be able to sell to needs outside of just the system in selling Software In Financial Services. For example, a client with an extensive internal support structure won’t necessarily be interested in being sold a services package that increases their cost for vendor support they might not need. Your offering across professional services, client services, support, upgrade etc. should all be flexible – being able to demonstrate this flexibility will help you to show a strong value for money proposition that is tailored and relevant.