The Ups and Downs Of Google Worship

It’s a little in-your-face but this pic still hits home as far as what SEO mostly comprises of. Being the leading brand in search, anyone who wants to be found on the net will find themselves subject to Google’s judgment. Whether or not you like it though is a question not often explored.

Right now, the company is celebrating its 15th anniversary and it’s only continuing to make big plans for the future of online search. The reactions from SEO marketers though will depend on the new challenges these will inevitably pose:

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B2B Social Media Marketing – 7 Core Rules for Your Playbook

Email used to be the wild, wild West of marketing. Today, that title belongs to social media. This, of course, is only natural. When you’re at the frontiers, there aren’t really that many rules to serve as your guide for doing things. So you make up your own as you go along. However there is one particular set of social media marketing rules you need to live by early on. These will make sure that you’ll not only survive but thrive as well.

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B2C and B2B Marketing – When Social Media Blurs the Line

Ever since social media marketing became a staple, much debate has went on about the use of one particular network: Facebook.

Typically, social media marketing on Facebook has been associated with consumer products. But of course, such can be a general statement and already several marketing authorities are citing exceptions.

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A Simple Starter’s Guide to Event Marketing

Event marketing is both the process and the development of a presentation for promoting products, services, organizations. You can stage the events online or offline with plenty options on hosting, sponsorship and participation.

It’s the type of marketing that allows you to directly interact with your customers and create a memorable impact. Using speeches, promotional displays, and product sampling can potentially create more appeal compared to plain literature or other less animated mediums.

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Getting A Point From Polls

Be it Facebook, LinkedIn or even just a niche forum, polls are a popular tool for understanding your target market. One convenient way B2B marketers employ them is by tying them to events or seasons. It can be something light and general (e.g. workplace pet peeves, Christmas bonuses) or something that could spark a lengthy discussion (e.g. urgent news, political developments, state of the economy).

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Beginner’s Guide to a Good LinkedIn Company Profile

LinkedIn is a great tool for social networking. What makes it different from other social network sites is the Companies Page. Given that Facebook and other social networking sites also have them, LinkedIn is different because of the professionals and other business related parties making up the audience. Its Company Pages clearly have a B2B-oriented feel to them that’s still hard to find in other mainstream social networking sites.

But what a Linked Company Page truly offers are the neat additional features. The use of slideshow images to bring more attention to your top headlines, video clips to support and promote your products and detailed statistical reading of your posts or page itself to understand your audience more. You can use these new features to give your pages the interactive and professional look you always wanted in a B2B profile.


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How to Construct Good Cold Email Copy

Your company suddenly decided to run an email marketing campaign and you’ve been selected to do the job. You researched and acquired everything you needed for that campaign. You got a list of email addresses, an email copy, software for scheduling blasts, the works. You then went on ahead and scheduled some of these email blasts.

The problem you’re experiencing though is you’re not getting leads or responses at all. You tell yourself that it’s kind of expected on some occasions but when you open your blast report, the statistics show that you have a low number of email opens. You have little or to no replies at all, indicating that your copy didn’t catch the attention you wanted. And whatever replies you got, most of them turn out to be unqualified or misunderstood responses from the offers you’ve forwarded.

After researching what the problem was, you determined that has something to do with your email copy but are unsure how to fix it. And in order to avoid those problems in the future, we will now discuss the aspects that create a good email copy.


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