Top Notch Technology

Through the years, DMA Central has painstakingly conducted studies and researches to know and understand the ins and outs of outsourcing to formulate a plan to counter act every possible failure that may come our way. You are therefore guaranteed that our technology is extremely reliable, just like your very own. Give us a call. Your every query will be entertained.

We provide you with first class connectivity and redundancy. That’s the DMA Central guarantee.

Security Protocol

Only identified staff will be admitted and logged in by an independent security company. Each password of every agent is carefully encrypted and is asymmetric. Data processing on the internet is never possible due to the closed network between every facility. We have a triple firewall that is ours exclusively and custom-built for the protection of our client data.

Elite Telecommunication System

We get only redundancy and on-tap impulse capacity of multiple E1 lines from every top of the line publicly traded leased line provider in the country. We have the highest access speeds in the call centre industry because of the Level 3IP network which is one of the most advanced networks available. It offers best-in-class service level agreements up to 99.99% uptime.

Network Security: Isolated data, dedicated voice

DMA Centrals’ data and voice networks never run on the same plane. Our company has the cutting edge telephony and is engineered from the ground up. Every phone call you make is as clear as a whistle because there is no echo, no static, and no delay. This is because our voice-LANS and data-LANS are completely isolated from each other. We log on to a common database and our switches are pooled and we all have our own voice-LAN.

State of the art Equipment, Continuous Support

Everything is done in-house. This is because we own and operate 100% of our IT, network and telecommunications equipment which we also service. There are no 3rd-party licensing, registration, provisioning, repair issues and up-staffing. Each and every support is in house and on call 24/7. All our agent hardware is turned over after 24 months. We assure you that our agents are only provided with the top networking gear with the fastest computers, latest phones and headsets. No soft-phones or laptops.

Consistent Facility and Power Back Up Systems

Force majeure will never be our excuse. In case a localized catastrophe occurs, we can migrate tier-1 clients in under two hours. We have dual call facilities located at different addresses both having a reliable back-up generator.

Heavy Carrier Supply

In less than a week, more often in one day we can secure enormous quantities of phone numbers with any area code you require even those that are toll free. An instant DID fail-over rebalancing or redirection across any number of carriers is possible through our secure web interface.

Outstanding CRM Services

Reports Delivered in Real Time

Now you are able to streamline your business development anytime, anywhere. We have our own CRM services that are web-based and privately owned by you. Now you can conduct sales force and customer relationship management with the integration of DMA Central services.

Fast and Efficient Call Recording

Call recording is a valuable part of DMA Central system. You can access all your recordings through your secure PipelineCRM website in .wav format.

Outbound Throughput on the Max

Abandoned calls are now kept at a minimum while automatic pacing and maximizing contacts are done, thanks to the use of our predictive dialing system exclusively provided for you. Whether agents are removed or added to your campaign, it will not make any difference.

Amazing Inbound Flexibility

You are free to decide what features you want integrated in your system. You can have all calls answered by your agent on the first ring, make use of a sophisticated call processing tree, optimizing Caller ID, IVR, DNIS, current customer field values, time in que, time of day, and so much more. You can be sure that no third party feature set is constrained on our switches.


Here at DMA Central, you’ll never have to worry about your inbound call volume ever again. There’s no more rushing 3rd party hardware vendors for additional capacity to be installed. By using our customer call center selection you can get more calls than you ever expected. As soon as we have your campaign up and running, we simply have to plug in more servers to accommodate additional seats. Only DMA Central can give you an amazing offer like this.