DMA Central is your number one B2B sales and marketing solutions for all your business needs. We are dedicated in providing you with all the needed support to help your business grow.


Our goal is to provide your company with the most efficient sales machinery available by outsourcing your sales function to us.

We provide the most appropriate solutions to your business by carefully reviewing your company’s’ goals as well as foreseen obstacles before putting our sales and marketing efforts to work. Along with this is the integration of our PipelineCRM tool which we use exclusively to handle customer relationship management especially designed to provide the selling process the convenience and flexibility it requires.


Welcome to DMA Central. If you have questions, comments and suggestions, please feel free to let us know so we can serve you better. We rely on our clients’ feedback to improve our services and adjust to your needs and business demands. Please refer to this charter if you wish to provide feedback. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

You will always be in-the-know regarding your business progress because you will be constantly provided with consistent feedback via correspondence, complete reports with all the needed data, prompt meetings with the agenda clearly laid out, and an honest tracking of your campaign results.


If you feel at any time that your expectations are not met, please feel free to contact our Client Services Department in order for us to address your concerns at the soonest possible time. We will let you know if the matter requires further investigation but you can rest assured that immediate course of action will be implemented and a collaborative effort with you and our management will take place.


Through the years DMA Central has painstakingly conducted studies and researches to know and understand the ins and outs of outsourcing to formulate a plan to counter act every possible failure that may come our way. You are therefore guaranteed that our systems are extremely reliable, just like your very own. Give us a call-your every query will be entertained.

We provide you with first class connectivity and redundancy. That’s the DMA Central guarantee.

Here at DMA Central, you’ll never have to worry about your inbound call volume ever again. Now there’s no rushing 3rd party hardware vendors for additional capacity to be installed. By using our customer call center selection you can get more calls than you ever expected. Soon, as we have your campaign up and running, we simply have to plug in more servers to accommodate additional seats. Only DMA Central can give you an amazing offer like this.


Here at DMA Central we provide you with the highest advantage by providing you with the following:

  • Top-notch Sales Professionals
  • Global Repository of Database
  • The Most Advanced Software and Systems


DMA Central is dedicated to exploring ways to provide you with the best business solutions available. Our CRM services will take customer relationship management to a whole new level.

This is our multi-channel web-based CRM tool to allow your sales professionals streamline their business development by integrating DMA Central power. The essential functions include:

  • Sales pipeline view in real time
  • Sales professional private log-ins
  • Event calendar
  • Contact history
  • Sales dashboard and campaign results in real-time which your managers can view at any given time
  • Managers and sales force acquire flexible results
  • Alarms
  • Vendor lock is non-existent because you can export your data at any given time should you prefer local integration.

Our CRM service was developed through years of extensive research, customer feedback and integration of the most efficient processes. Tracking is made so much easier now because managers are able to view the dashboard and monitor the sales pipeline of any agent in any region or the entire campaign anytime, anywhere. Closed sales and forecasting reports are available in xml, pdf, csv and html formats.

DMA Central is your number one CRM sales force solution for the most convenient and efficient customer relationship management.

Maximize our Pipeline CRM tool with the CAMPAIGN STRATEGIZER:

Through this every call is accounted for up to the minute. Every minute and every call outcome has a breakdown by:

  • Contact position/title
  • Size of the company including annual sales and number of employees
  • Geographics including city, state, area and zip codes
  • Type of business, SIC code or otherwise
  • Credit rating

By using this valuable feature you are able to decide the combination of campaign efforts you must dwell on to capture your target prospects.

DMA Central provides outstanding CRM services to all customers who avail of our customer contact services package. This feature is a part of our solid commitment to deliver the highest customer satisfaction possible.